Why choose Diamond Touch Academy®?

We have trained some the world's greatest Masters. Moreover, our courses are offered in small groups to encourage exchanges between students and to increase the trainer’s availability. Our trainings are short while providing in depth knowledge by seamlessly combining theory and practice. You will participate in workshops showcasing the latest pigmentation techniques and you will receive your own mini kit with the required tools and products for your learning. Your training will lead to a Diamond Touch® certificate recognized by La Formation Professionnelle de Tunisie (M.F.P.M : 11-1432-15) and a second one, recognized internationally by Swiss Color® and Skin Monarch®. Our main goal is to help you flourish and reach your goals by providing continued support and encouragement even after your training is over.

As a beginner, can I have access to all the courses?

If you are just starting out, the first step is to complete the basic training. You can then keep moving up by enrolling in higher level courses.

What are the different levels of training?

Diamond Touch Academy® offers the following training levels:

• Basic training – Duration: 3 days (mandatory for beginners)
• Advanced training – Duration: 1 day
• Perfection training – Duration: 1 day
• Future Trainer: (duration to be determined by the instructor) after receiving your future trainer certificate and after proving yourself to your instructor, you will be able to teach other students.


If you simply wish to improve a certain technique, we also provide refresher courses.

Can I work in a beauty salon once I get my certificate?

Yes, you can start working in a beauty parlor as soon as you receive your certificate, both locally and internationally.

Do you provide follow-up support after the training?

We strive to maintain regular contact with you in order to accompany you in your future endeavors and to push you to excel and become a trainer. After obtaining your certificate, we will keep monitoring your work online and follow your progress so you can flourish and attain the level that you want.

Can I pay in installments or at the end of the training?

We don’t offer payment plans. You will be asked to pay 50% of the total amount when you register and the rest before the beginning of the course.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a manual semi-permanent technique that involves a single-use hand tool with fine nano blades that deposit MB pigment on the eyebrows by delicately drawing fine hair strokes into the skin.

Am I suitable for microblading?

If you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, keratosis or dermatitis, chances are your skin will not react well to the treatment and therefore won’t properly retain the pigment.

What is the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is done using a PMU handset device and lasts between three to five years. Microblading on the other hand, is a manual technique consisting of a handtool with fine nano blades with a finish that can last up to one year if done properly.

How do I prepare for my treatment?

It is recommended to avoid tanning, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, waxing, peelings and any cosmetic procedure prior to your appointment. Please refrain from any medication that may thin your blood 48 hours prior to your session.

How long does a microblading session take?

Depending on your skin, the entire procedure can last from 40 to 60min.

How long does the pigment last?

Microblading can last up to twelve months depending on your skin type. A second session is recommended after a month to ensure the pigment is fully settled into the skin.

Does the application hurt?

Depending on your skin type, some would describe the procedure as more uncomfortable than painful. It is common to experience tenderness for a couple of hours.

What type of pigment do you use?

We are the exclusive distributor for Swiss Color® in North Africa and Qatar. Their pigments are manufactured in Switzerland and Austria and certified REACH compliant. They are free from iron oxide and heavy metals which significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions. To ensure your utmost safety, the raw materials used in the pigments are regularly tested by independent accredited laboratories and go through a complex sterilization process during production to ensure its purity and safety.

What type of blades do you use?

We use the sterile single-use SC U18, U12 and 12FLEXI blades, manufactured by our exclusive partner Swiss Color®, in compliance with the latest health and safety requirements.

What is the healing process?

We recommend you only use a cotton pad to dab lukewarm water onto the area an hour after the procedure. Renew this step every two hours for three days. Do not wet the area or apply any product. Keep away from makeup, creams, peelings and hot steam showers until it’s completely healed.

Are there any side effects during and after the procedure?

There are no side effects. You might experience some redness and the area might become flaky. It is important to avoid any scratching and picking. The final color and shape are usually revealed after a few weeks.
Note: the pigment might appear darker right after the treatment but will fade over a two-week period.

Can microblading be removed?

If you have an old permanent makeup/microblading, or if you are not satisfied with your freshly microbladed eyebrows, our Diamond Removal™ technique will help you get rid of unwanted pigmentation without scarring. It consists of a product that penetrates the skin and induces a reaction where the pigment is liquefied and extracted to the skin surface. The difference is visible after one session but additional treatments may be required to achieve the desired result.

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